take care// and best of luck*

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TITLEtake care// and best of luck*
I’ve got much to deal with in real life.

Recently, one of my good friends passed away, young, non Covid-related.

anyways, i really need to attend to my real life rather than this scene so ye here’s one of my , or maybe my last thread I hope.

whatever side you go to, just find the right trusted person please.

Your moral reputation is valued higher than any deal you handle. Take heed to of these words. It’s very important.

I will be on discord in a few different servers, but really, i need to carry on with my life.

I’m 24 years old, nearly 25. I’ve done enough , or at least what I can, to try to guide others in a good direction in the community.

anyways- it’s been a good run. From 2013-2020. I considered staying for another 3 years but do I really wanna be known for being in the scene for 10 years , at age 27..??

eh idk.

I’d shoutout people but there are too many I appreciate that I could name . You all know who you are. I wish you all the best. Those who have surpassed me. Those who I have helped. I hope all of you find the ultimate success.

take care fellas.




this is a personal message for OGX

I hope to see this site go far. Let none of you give your minds up to greed, leading to corruption. The other forums rose and fell because of such mindsets. I feel you guys will go far.

I wish you all the best.

Again, take care.
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