Trading Securing steam accounts properly (guide)

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TITLETrading Securing steam accounts properly (guide)
*This is also for CS:GO Accounts

Main steps

Make sure to change your email, deauthorize all devices that have logged in before & changing your password.

Additional steps:

Adding an authenticator

You can use this to set up an authenticator directly on your computer
& this for a cheap phone number to add onto the account
All of the steps on how to set it up are on the github page

Collecting proof of ownership from seller/original owner

OGE: This is the first email used to create the account, you will have to require this if the bought account is valuable.

Phone Number(s): Self explanatory, try to get the first phone number used + any others after that (if there are any).

Here are a couple of payment methods that are widely used and what you need to collect for the safety of your account:

CC: Name, Surname + last 4 digits + Billing Address.
PP: Account's name + Invoice ID (can be found on the transaction IN the account) + Billing address.
CD-Keys: Self explanatory, key used to either add a certain game to your library or to top-up your wallet balance.
PaySafeCard: screenshot of the receipt to valve displayed IN the account or the PSC pin to get it from here yourself.

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