PS5 or Xbox Series X

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TITLEPS5 or Xbox Series X
Which console do you prefer? The PS5 or Xbox Series X?

I feel like the Microsoft team could've done better and I'm sure there will be a group of autistic teenagers that crawls behind Microsoft and fanboys their every move.

BUT let's keep it real...It's basically an upgraded Xbox One X, with the same games.

Like if you want a console that runs like a PC then maybe you should just get a PC?

And don't get me started with 343 industries acting like speds with halo infinite

As for Sony, we can talk about PS5 having shit backwards compatibility and the preorder process being absolutely terrible. So, I do feel like they have quite a few things to fix however I still feel like the PS5 takes the W

SO which one do you prefer the Xbox Series X or The PS5? Let's talk about it
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