Deal Dispute How To File A Deal Dispute

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TITLEDeal Dispute How To File A Deal Dispute
I strongly urge users to always deal using a trusted middleman in order to avoid scams. If you have been scammed, you will need to file a deal dispute against the user, so that it can be handled.

The pillars of a strong deal dispute
Allegations are useless without proof. Deal disputes should show clear evidence that the user in question scammed you, attempted to scam you, or undermined the integrity of your deal.

All deal disputes should include:
  • A link to the scammer’s profile
  • Clear screenshots of your chat / deal with the user
  • Evidence / screenshots of payment

If you can not show clear evidence that the other user flaked on their part of the deal, then you will not have any success posting a deal dispute. If you dealt over a messaging platform like Discord, Instagram DMs, or Kik, be sure that you clearly show that the user on those platforms is the onsite user you are filing a dispute against. Beware of imposters, and double check that you haven’t been fooled before posting here

What serves as strong evidence?
  • Screenshots that show exactly who you dealt with
  • Screenshots that show the user agreeing to the deal
  • Screenshots showing that you followed through with your part of the deal, and they did not
  • Screenshots showing that they are ignoring you, have blocked you, etc.

Essentially, anything that proves guilt on the other user’s side is good evidence. Use as much evidence as possible. The more you provide, the more compelling your case, and the quicker we solve it.

How do I screenshot evidence?
I highly recommend users who are on a PC to install gyazo, as it allows you to take photos and short videos on your PC, and instantly have them uploaded in an easy to share link.

Users who are on mobile should download the imgur app. Imgur for mobile allows you to screenshot items off of your mobile device, and then upload them with a public and easy to share link as well!

Please avoid…
  • Contacting staff about a Deal Dispute
  • Posting sensitive or personal information about the other party in your dispute
  • Publicly accusing someone of scamming unless you have a DD to back it up

Be safe out there, and happy dealings!

This thread has been closed and is not open for further replies.
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