How To: Deal Safely

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TITLEHow To: Deal Safely
How To Deal Safely
If you're reading this, there's a high chance that you're new to the community. If that's the case, welcome to OGX and the OG community. Although there are plenty of trustworthy users around, users should always be wary of scammers and scamming schemes. It's important to know how to deal safely to avoid losing money or other assets, such as a handle.

Using a middleman is the best way to ensure that you do not get scammed during a deal. A middleman (commonly referred to as MM) is a third party in a deal that holds one or both of the exchanged goods while the deal proceeds to ensure that neither party gets scammed. A good middleman can also help you secure an account and make it more difficult for it to be pulled back after the deal is complete. You should always use a trusted middleman to ensure that your deal is conducted safely. You can find trusted middleman services here.
TL;DR: Contact a trusted middleman to mediate your deal to ensure that you do not get scammed.

Confirming On-site
On-site private messages are not everyone's favorite method of contact. Thus, users opt to conduct deals on platforms such as Discord or Telegram. Unfortunately, through these platforms, it is very easy for trusted users to be impersonated and very easy for unsuspecting users to fall for an impersonation scam. The best way to prevent an impersonation scam is by private messaging the user on-site. Give them a phrase to send back to you on the desired platform and have them reply in the on-site PM that they confirm they are talking to you on the off-site platform. Do not tell them to PM you first because you will become susceptible to a scheme where an impersonator will trick the user being impersonated to PM you, making you believe that you are speaking with the right user.
TL;DR: Send an on-site PM to the user you're dealing with off-site and thoroughly confirm that you are not talking to an impersonator off-site.

PayPal vs. Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the payment method of choice for most users in this community due to its low-risk nature. Unlike PayPal, Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed or charged back and your account/wallet will never be limited, assuming you're using a wallet that only you have control over. I recommend accepting Bitcoin whenever possible as you are taking a risk when accepting payments via PayPal. Please be aware that there is a scam method using Bitcoin called "double spending" where a user causes the transaction to not confirm. It is very uncommon but it is worthy of noting. Preventing it is easy. Simply wait for 1 confirmation on the transaction before going through with your end of the deal. Most wallets will give you a link to a website that allow you to check for this. If you are unsure of how to receive and store Bitcoin, check out my reviews of Bitcoin wallets.
TL;DR: Use Bitcoin, not PayPal.

Cash App
Cash App is a popular payment app used by many in the community. It is similar to PayPal but users in the community like it more than PayPal because it is harder to charge back payments. Plus, if your account is fully verified, you can purchase Bitcoin in the app. If you are using Cash App, be aware that your account can still be limited and for that I reason I would recommend using Bitcoin, if possible. When accepting Cash App as a payment method, be 100% sure that your buyer is sending funds from their account balance. If they send from a credit card, issues are more likely to arise with receiving the payment and they also have the opportunity to file a charge back through their bank.
Tl;DR: Bitcoin is better than Cash App but Cash App is better than PayPal. If you accept Cash App, make sure to only accept funds from the buyer's account balance.

When purchasing a handle from a user, you want to make it hard for the seller to pull back the account. You will need to change the email, password, phone number, and any other security measures on the account. The securing process depends on the platform. See the spoiler below for links to guides on how to secure your account. Keep in mind that securing an account will not completely guarantee your account's safety and you should swap your username to your own secure account if possible. I highly recommend having a middleman secure your account as they are the most experienced in this area and can ensure that you don't get scammed during the deal.
TL;DR: Know how to secure your account properly to decrease the likelihood of a previous owner pulling it back. Use a middleman! I recommend swapping your username, if possible.
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If you are knowledgeable and experienced in any of the platforms marked "Missing," please feel free to write a thread and tell me to link it here. Please make sure the thread is high quality and not plagiarized. Refer to Miami's thread for a good example.

After purchasing a handle from a user, you want to make sure that the account you now have cannot be pulled back by a previous owner. For most platforms, you can have the username swapped to your own secure account. Be sure to use a reputable and trustworthy swapping service as you will be giving them access to the new account so they can execute the swap. Losing your username in a swap is also a risk due to turbos and autoclaimers. Make sure the swap service you are using is known for its success rate with high value usernames. You can find swap services here.
TL;DR: Don't lose your account to a previous owner. Use a reputable and trusted swapping service.

Common Scams
Look out for these scams:
• "You go first" while refusing to use an MM - A scammer will often make you complete your end of the deal first and then when you do, they will fail to uphold their end of the deal, leaving you scammed (and probably sad). To avoid this, use a trusted middleman. Do not give in to any excuse the other user gives to get out of using a middleman.
• Impersonation - On Discord, an impersonator will pretend to be a user they're not (obviously) and will go great lengths to look convincing. Impersonators will use Discord Nitro to adopt the same discriminator (the numbers after #) and use hidden or fake characters to have the same username. The website (made by @Zyger) can help you check for fake characters. You can also use developer mode on Discord to get a Discord user's unique ID to compare with a known user's unique ID that they have on their OGX profile. On Telegram, an impersonator will use a slightly different username than the user they impersonate. They might use an uppercase i (I) instead of a lowercase L (l), for example. For any instance of possible impersonation, you can always avoid being scammed by confirming on-site. See my other thread for a comprehensive guide on catching impersonators.
• Fake Middleman - In this scenario, the user you're dealing with will want to use a middleman but they will invite an impersonator of a trusted middleman. Again, to avoid this, confirm on-site!

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope you found it helpful. If you have any suggestions to improve it, whether it be adding a section, fixing a typo, or more comprehensible formatting, please let me know.​
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