How to: Avoid Getting Banned

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TITLEHow to: Avoid Getting Banned
How to: Avoid Getting Banned

Hey guys, I just wanted to make a thread on how to avoid being banned as it places you in a very rough situation. I will advise you guys as much as I can about what gets you a ban and how to avoid it, hoping that it helps a few of you guys out and saves you from being hit with the ban hammer.


Yes, you can get banned for spamming - whether it is toxicity or just constant replicating of the same text under various threads. It becomes an annoyance which many members don't want to deal with and may just end up reporting you to a member of staff for this.

Being an Annoyance

If you decide to be toxic on-site for whatever reason and feel like it is necessary for a non-needed input (constantly), you will end up with warnings, which is recorded, or even a ban if your misbehaviour has become a serious nuisance. Be respectful and kind to the other members on-site. There is no need of unwanted toxicity.

Multiple Accounts

This a known and very popular ban reason and most of the community has been a victim of this - whether it was intentionally or unintentionally. Multiple accounts (also known as 'multis') is a known way for ban evasion. This is mainly done by scammers who are trying to stay on-site after a scam they took part in. Multiple accounts are always found. There is no way around it. This will only result in multiple bans - banning the multiple accounts and the main account.


Scammers never get away with a scam - attempted or successful. You will always get caught and will be known for a scam. If proof against you is provided, you are going to be banned on-site right away. Don't be tempted by pennies, rep is everything. You will be banned if caught - do not risk it.


Concluding, I hope this helps everyone and saves you guys from being banned for petty reasons. Just abide by the rules and you won't be removed from the forum.

It is important to read the rules of OGX before conducting yourself across the site.This will allow you to learn how not to draw negative attention to yourself. You can find the rules

If you need me, feel free to message me for any inquiries or issues! I'm happy to help.
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