Selling Dread's Digital Services ????

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TITLESelling Dread's Digital Services ????
< ! > Now doing custom animated signatures, thread designs, and avatars!

Example signature:

(thanks to @med for teaching me how to animate, check out his thread

< ! > I take your Discord bot problems or needs and do my best to fix or create them for you!

I write everything in node.js on the latest branch of discord.js so everything is fully updated with the most current libraries.

I can do just about anything from moderation bots to custom game and verification bots, just PM me on-site or DM on discord if you need to talk about something custom that's not explicitly noted here, thanks!

< ! > Pricing varies, and I will not work before payment, unless you're a trusted member or staff of OGX!

< ! > Some of my previous/current works

Verification Discord bot, uses a mybb database to set a Discord ID to the entered mybb username, then uses a OTP code to user to verify ownership, then returns user information tied to the Discord ID:

Gambling Discord bot, uses mybb newpoints as the currency, and does a auto cashout crash simulation:

Xbox 360 Stealth Server Discord bot, uses a OTP code to verify ownership with the Discord ID, and then returns user information tied to the Discord ID:

< ! > There's no intentional advertising either, just that is the projects I've worked on before as part of my portfolio, if staff want me to alter the names/identities in my portfolio please let me know and I will change those accordingly, thanks!
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