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TITLECrypto Checker | Pings on 1 Confirmation
Crypto Checker Discord Bot

Having to constantly refresh pages to check if your bitcoin transaction has confirmed can be a hassle. By using this bot, you will no longer need to do that, as it will ping you when your bitcoin transactions confirm.

You can invite the bot to your server by clicking here.

Transaction Hash:
You will need to enter the hash of your transaction if you're using the check command.

To get it, you will need to search for your bitcoin address on, then click the hash link of your transaction, and then click the clipboard icon to the right of the hash to copy it.

You can also use the transaction link if it ends with the transaction hash, e.g.

Check Command:
>check (transaction hash) [confirmations]

You will be pinged in the same channel when your bitcoin transaction reaches your chosen number of confirmations. If you have not entered a number, it will default to 1 confirmation, which in most cases is enough.

Subscribe Command:
>subscribe (address)

You will be dmed when your bitcoin address receives a new confirmed transaction.

There are many other commands, such as showing your pending transactions, converting currency, the current price of bitcoin, and more. You can check these by typing the >help command.

Please keep this bot running by donating bitcoin to 1CryptoAvYxCzEcXj9i5PCzMsMDK2KQ7fZ.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for this bot.
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