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1. There should be a link on the credit page, that will take you to the credits market section of the site.

credit page to credit market would be nice for QoL purposes.

Preferably somewhere here:

2. Games built in, where players can bet credits against each other. Such as Connect 4, Chess, Checkers, even a simple heads or tails would be nice to have on site.

This would only ever be done with credits that are earned through posting/daily rewards. I do not think there should be a automated coinflip that the "system" pays out. I feel as though that inflates credits especially if one user gets insanely lucky.

3. Credit lottery system: Drawn once per month, with a buy-in of X amount of credits per ticket. One winner would receive the entire pot minus 5%(which would be deleted, percentage could vary) to maintain credit longevity and keep the market healthy.


4. A credit shop item that would allow you to clear all previous username changes would be nice also.

I will add to this thread as I think about more stuff to utilize credits. Let me know your thoughts.
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