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( Just cause you use a Middleman doesn't mean you won't get scammed - be careful )
Think of "Middleman" as a safe way to complete deals without getting scammed. Their job is to secure both party's end of the deal to the best of their abilities in order to prevent pullback or a possible scam. You should always use an Middleman it doesn't matter how big or little the deal is. Know-one wants to get scammed and lose it all

Impostors are also a problem you may come across essentially, they will do everything in their power to convince you that they are either "Trusted" or and "Official Middleman" To prevent this and ensure you are talking to actual OFFICIAL Middleman please visit the official Middleman page an make sure to ALWAYS PM them to ensure they understand and confirm the deal that will take place, this is so there is no confusion during the deal and it can resume smoothly.

( Please be careful with Paypal people love to chargeback )
Accepting Paypal often gets your items sold alot faster due to the fact that just about everyone has it.
Many think of Paypal as the safest / easiest way to receive payment for an item you are selling, though this may be true in certain situations it can also be the worst.
I highly recommend when dealing with Paypal that you have 2 Paypal accounts when dealing and once you receive payment transfer it over to the other and close the account that you got the payment on (Highly Recommend) This lowers the chance of you losing your money due to charge-back / refund from the buyer

( easiest / most secure way to receive payment )
Bitcoin is probably the safest way to receive payment, however people are getting quite clever with certain scams such as the double spending scam which is essentially a user will send the same payment 2 times and when their wallet sees 2 payments for the same amount at the same time they assume it is a glitch and they refund the money. The best way to keep safe while receiving bitcoin is to wait for at least 1/3 <- on your confirmations this is just so that your wallet acknowledges the payment and it will be in your wallet shortly. If you are just getting into Bitcoin and you are looking for a secure fast / easy wallet i suggest your try...

Contacting Your Client
( Simplest way to be safe however most ignore it )
ALWAYS PM ONSITE this ensures that the person your talking to actually is who they claim to be and you will have proof if a scam were to go down. I also suggest taking pictures / video for all deals just so you have valid proof in case something were to go down.


This thread has been closed and is not open for further replies.
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